– Just got a new Macbook yesterday.
– Now playing with the band Penelope from Niagara Falls.
– I’ve eaten the last two white-chocolate-pecan squares, and wish there were several more left.


It’s amazing how much a nice, fresh, Gimp-Script-Fu generated logo improves the look of a website… It’s even a .png with alpha channel transparency! For users of Internet Explorer, you’ll have to have version 5.5 of that browser or greater to enjoy the new logo in it’s full magnificence.

.NET rewrite

It probably doesn’t look like anything has changed, but I’ve re-written the entire website in ASP.NET and moved it to a new hosting company.

In an effort to combat spam, I’ve changed how the comments section works a little. You will no longer be able to view the email address of anyone who enters a comment. When you click on their name, however, you will be taken to a web form that lets you email them.

I’ve also finally set up an automated system for exporting my blog entries to RSS. You can enter the following URL in your RSS news reader to subscribe:

New audio section

I’ve added a new audio section to the site. All I really have there right now are a bunch of old sketches and jams that I found laying around my hard drive. Eventually I plan to put some stuff there that is actually finished.

Slightly used Guitar Player

Well… Brimstone and Big Show have both broken up so there will be no more new dates for the foreseeable future (not that there were any in the recent past).

Anyone out there need a slightly used, but still perfectly good guitar player? Any reasonable offer will be considered. I’m myopic, don’t dress very well, and generally prefer the company of computers. I do, however, own my own instrument and still have all of my teeth and much of my hair. I’m a good song learner and am willing to play as many as three out of every five notes exactly like the original recording. I am also willing to sing any song that has less than twenty words in it as long as none of the words are longer than nine seven letters long.