More DIY effects pedal builds

Range Chicken II
I really like the soft switches from AMZFX and wanted some more room on my pedalboard so I did a new version of this pedal using negative ground wiring and with the enclosure oriented ‘tallwise.’ Unfortunately, the negative ground is causing noise issues with the Fried Chicken Fuzz even with that huge filtering capacitor. I’ll probably gut it again soon and use positive ground wiring with a charge pump.
Reiterator Dual Analog Delay
This thing sounds fantastic. It’s two delay pedals in one enclosure. The circuits were built using “Aquaboy” pre-etched PCBs from Madbean pedals that are essentially copies of the original Way Huge Aqua Puss or Boss DM-2.

Here’s a demo video: Reiterator Delay Demo Video

Klone Overdrive
This is basically a clone of the Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive. It was built using a Sunking pre-etched PCB from Madbean Pedals. I’ve since converted it over to true bypass operation. The buffer in this is pretty natural sounding, but I just prefer the sound of the guitar without one.

Here’s a demo video: Klone Overdrive Demo Video

Hunny Bee Overdrive
This is a clone of the Honey Bee Overdrive that I built using a pre-etched “Yellow Shark” PCB from Madbean Pedals. I really liked this one at first, but I’ve since stopped using it. I just doesn’t cut as well as the Klone or Taijidrive when used live. It does have a really natural ‘small amp cranked up’ kind of overdrive tone, though.

Here’s a demo video: Hunny Bee Overdrive Demo Video

Taijidrive Overdrive
This pedal has become my favorite overdrive. It’s a clone of a Zendrive built using a Madbean “Serendipity” pre-etched PCB. I’ve opted for a JRC-4558D opamp instead of the AD712 used in the original. I think the pedal sounds much fatter and more open with that chip.

Here’s a demo video: Taijidrive Overdrive Demo Video

CE-2 Chorus Clone
This is a clone of a Boss CE-2 chorus pedal that I built using a Tonepad pre-etched PCB. I wound up using an LM-833N op-amp chip in there in place of the stock JRC-4558D. The LM-833N makes the effect less dull sounding and more lush. I’ve also changed the graphics a bit since I took this picture. It now has white knobs and is called “That ’80s Pedal.”
Green Ringer Clone
This is a clone of a Dan Armstrong Green Ringer that I built using a pre-etched PCB from General Guitar Gadgets. Sonically, it’s somewhere between a ring modulator and octave up effect. When combined with a fuzz it sounds a lot like the solo on Purple Haze or Blue on Black.