I’ve just discovered a great new text editor for the Mac called TextMate. It reminds me a lot of Homesite, the Windows program I used to use when I first started doing web development.
The coolest thing about it is that it takes the concept of snippets from Homesite and brings it to the next level. For example, I’m writing this post in TextMate using a language called Markdown. I’m creating all of the links that you see by simply highlighting the word (like “Textmate”) and pressing the “Command-Control-L” key combination. Doing this activates a command (kind of like a snippet that runs code) that looks up the word in Google and inserts the markdown code ([Textmate](http://macromates.com/)) that links to the first hit. There are literally hundreds of these commands and snippets available for just about every language you can think of.

You’re probably thinking “I can do that in Vim or Emacs or some other text editor you use all the time,” right? Maybe so, but what sets TextMate apart is that it’s really really really easy to create your very own commands and snippets. If you work with text a lot on the Mac you should definitely check out the screencasts on the TextMate website. The videos have a distinctly geeky wow factor to them.

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