10 things to remember

  1. Refrain from eating crackers with orange juice.
  2. If you are a guitar player, purchase a small 15 watt tube amp and use that, sans-effects, for every playing situation.
  3. If you have unwanted whiskers, use an electric razor to shave them off.
  4. If you ever decide to get a cat, get a Siberian.
  5. Never ingest an entire bottle of Asprin in a short duration of time. This may very well be the first thing I ever learned.
  6. Don’t be afraid of Muppets. No matter how scary they may seem, it’s highly unlikely that one will ever hunt you down and dismember you with a butcher knife.
  7. Look at the labels on the food you eat. Try to stay away from stuff that has ‘mono sodium glutemate’ (MSG) in it.
  8. Google everything.
  9. Never assume something is going to work unless it’s not all that important that it does work. If it is important, test it.
  10. Find a good Chinese takeout nearby and order from them on a regular basis. You should also give the delivery person a decent tip.

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